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              HistoryJiangsu Institute of Metrology (JSIM), originally named as Jiangsu Province Weights and Measures Verification Institute, was founded on October 11, 1956. It is under the jurisdiction of Provincial Science and Technology Commission. In June 1982, JSIM is renamed as Jiangsu Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology. In 2006, it changed its name into Jiangsu Institute of Metrology with the approval of Provincial Organization Office. JSIM is a fully funded institution directly subordinating to the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of Jiangsu Province (JSQTS...
              Add:No.95, Wenlan road, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China(210023)
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              Jiangsu institute of metrology 2013 copyright E-mail:jsmiguest@jsmi.com.cn
              Tel:025-84636978 Fax:025-84482138 Add:No.95, Wenlan road, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China(210023)
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